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Chitra Pournami & Chitra Gupta Pooja

Chitra Pournami:

The Hindu festival going by the name of Chitra Pournami is observed on the full moon day in the month of Chithirai or Chaitra corresponding to the English months of April-May. On this day the star Chitra and full moon comes together. The day is also dedicated to Indiran, the head of Devas.This year(2012), Chitra Pournami is celebrated on 5th May.

Chitra Gupta:

Chitra Pournami  is the day sacred to Chitra Gupta, the Keeper of Deeds. Chitragupta was born to Parvathidevi through a painting (Chitira Puthiran). Later he entered into the uterus of Gomatha / Kamdhenu and born on chitra pournami and got the name Chitra gupta.

Chitragupta is the assistant of Lord Yama, the God of Death. It is believed that when a person dies his soul first goes to Lord Yama, where Chitragupta reads out the good and bad deeds of the person. Chitra Gupta keeps the good and bad register of every birth and according to ancestral belief, it is he who tallies your positive karma against negative and declares the result to the Judge on High.

Some call him as Chitta Gupta.. Meaning
Chitta – repository of memories from all our births
Gupta – a secret
Chitta Gupta – The secret of our memories….

How to worship Chitra Gupta:

 Worshipping him with Sarkarai Pongal(Sweet Pongal) and other things without salt will give immense pleasure to the whole family throughout the year.

 Have heard from my elders that some people will draw a kolam called Padi kolam. In that Padi kolam they will leave the south side  empty as a mark of entrance to him. After finishing pooja they will immediately wipe the kolam.

NOTE: One should avoid uptaking milk and milk-products on that day since he came out from kamadhenu. (It is preferable to take buffalo milk if necessary). Then after finishing usual pooja and naivedhya, we have to donate rice, vegetables, dhal and dhakshina to the needy people.

Temples Famous for Chitra Pournami and Chitra Gupta:
  • There is only one temple in South India for Chitragupta at Kancheepuram. According to archaeologists, the Chitragupta temple was built in Kanchipuram during the Chola period (Ninth Century) and is being maintained by a particular community of Kancheepuram from time immemorial.The presiding deity (moolavar) is seen in a sitting posture holding the ezhuthaani (pen) in his right hand and a palm leaf in left symbolising his nature of work. The utsava panchaloka idol of Chitragupta is seen with His consort Karnikambal. It is believed that Lord Chitragupta is the Athi Devathai for Kethu, one of the Navagrahas, and those who worship Chitragupta at this temple, would be bestowed with prosperity. Also the evil effects of Kethu during its transit period would be mitigated. However, according to astrologers, Lord Vinayaka is the Prathi Devathai for Kethu and would also mitigate the evil effects of Kethu.  

  • Thirukoteeswarar Temple(Thirukodikaval):Thirukodikaval is situated on the northern bank of the Cauvery on the Kumbakonam-Mayiladuthurai route. It is about 5 Kms from Suryanarkoil (Navagraha kshetra for Sun God) and 2 km from Kanjanoor (Sukhra kshetra on the east) and 5 km west of Kuttalam town. Thirukoteeswarar is the presiding deity in this temple. There are seperate sannadhis for Chitrgupta and Yama. Chitra Pournami festival is celebrated in a grand manner every year. 

  • Worshipping Ambal in pournamis is a very special thing. Chithra pournami is famous for Meenakshi amman and Kallazhagar also. So, worshipping them also will be fruitful to us.
  • The Mangaladevi Temple located at Kumily in Idukki, Kerala also celebrates Chithra Pournami festival with much religious fervor. Mangala Devi Temple is build in Pandya style of architecture is dedicated to Kannagi or Kannaki Amman, the main character of the South Indian epic Silapathikaram. The temple is around 2000-years-old and remains closed for the entire year except for Chithra Pournami Festival. Hundreds of pilgrims from Kerala and the nearby state of Tamil Nadu visit the shrine during the festive occasion.
  • Chitra Pournami is an important festival at Murugan temple at Ettukudi, Near Thirukkuvalai, Tiruvarur. Thousands of Kavadis will fill the small village with Milk Kudams and there will not be any space to move around.


              Chita guptham mahaa praagyam lEkanee pathra dhaarinam
             Chitra rathnaambaratharam madhyastham sarva dEhinaam.

              We may write wrong accounts or our accounting may be wrong;
              but his is perfect and impeccable.

Chitra Pournami is highly auspicious of all the Pournami days (full moon days), and is the right time to gain Chitra Gupta blessings to wash away all your sins and to bag the virtue for the life beyond! 

Let’s pray Chitra Gupta and Gain the Power to Be a Purified Soul!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Thiruvannamalai Temple Visit & Girivalam

Thiruvannamalai is a world famous pilgrimage town in Tamilnadu. It is situated 185 Kms for Chennai and 175 Kms from Bangalore.

It has the famous Annamalaiyar Temple on the foot of the Annamalai Hill(approx. 2669ft high) and is one among the biggest Shiva temple in India. It is said to be one of the Pancha Bootha Sthalam(Five Basic Elements). Here, Lord shiva is worshipped in the form of fire. Histories say that this temple was constructed by Chola kings during 9th Century and it has a 66mt high Gopuram(Tower) which has 13 tiers. The main God of this temple is "Lord Arunachaleswarar / Annamalaiyar" and Goddess Parvathi known as "Abithakuchalambal."

Many siddhars and rishis lived in Thiruvannamalai which makes this place even more famous and attracts foreign tourists here in search of yoga and spiritual things.There are many ashrams around this temple.Few famous ashrams are "Ramana Maharishi Ashram", "Yoginath Surathkumar Ashram" and "Sheshadri Maharishi Ashram".

Every Fullmoon Night, you can see thousands of devotees gathering in Thiruvannamalai for "Girivalam". The word Girivalam is derived from two tamil words Giri - mountain and Valam - coming around. To come one full round the road round the hill, it is around 14 kilometres. People use to chant "Om Namashivaya" when they go around. You are supposed to concentrate on top of the hill while doing girivalam also in a place you can find "Nandhimugha Dharshan"-when you see the hill you can find the face of Nandhi. It is said to bring in abundant peace or calmness for the mental well being and also refreshing for the physical fitness. On the yearly "Chitra Pournami" thousands of pilgrims around the world visit here.

While going around Girivalam, you can find eight lingams known as "Ashtalingam". They are positioned at different locations and facing various directions. Each lingam signifying different directions of the earth. These lingams are named as Indralingam, Agnilingam, Yamalingam, Niruthilingam, Varunalingam, Vayulingam, Kuberalingam and Esanyalingam.

Eventhough many festivals are celebrated, "Karthigai Deepam" is the famous Festival happening every year during the Tamil Month "Kaarthigai" and according to english calendar it comes in November / December. The ten day event culminates on the day of Karthigai Deepam. On that evening, a huge lamp is lit in a cauldron with three tons of ghee at the top of the Annamalai hill.

Thiruvannamalai is connected with plenty of train and bus facilities. During Fullmoon of everymonth and Kaarthigai Deepam special buses are connected to Thiruvannamalai from various places of Tamil Naadu also from Bangalore.And Dining and Lodging is not a problem here. Plenty of lodges and hotels are here. Even while going around Girivalam you can find small small petty shops openened everywhere with eatables, also Annadhanam will be given to all pilgrims. Even foreign tourists can find few multi-cuisine restaurants.

When you visit Thiruvannamalai, you can also go to Saathanoor Dam across Thenpennai River. Gingee Fort is another popular tourist destination located on the Tindivanam-Thiruvannaamalai road, 40 km from Thiruvannamalai.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Trip to Coorg

One fine Saturday morning along with a set of office friends we started from Bangalore in two Tempo Traveler towards   Coorg or Kodagu(Originally called Kodaimalenadu) means 'dense forest on steep hill'. Dubbed as the Scotland of India!!! 

On the way, first we went to Balmuri Falls. It is a man-made reservoir 150Kms from  Bangalore few kilometers away from Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary, eighteen kilometers away from Mysore on the way to Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. As the river turns to the right at this place it is called as “Balamuri”, “Bala” means right and “Muri” means cut in Kannada. We went for ride in a Coracle 'parisal', which was a fine exprience .. You will get fresh fried fish and crabs here, believe me it will be awesome to have it hot and spicy after playing in water.

Next came the Tibetan Monastery located near kushalnagar towards Mysore. This Tibetan settlement seems to be the second largest settlement out of Tibet. There were 40-ft tall Golden Buddha Statues and the walls were decorated with beautiful paintings. When u get inside the monastery along with calmness, you can smell the fragrance of incense sticks, candles and flowers.

Then left to Nisargadhama Cauvery and visited Nagarhole National Park  where we happened to see rabbits, deers, elephant etc..

After that we went to the place where we spend our night, it was a nice resort in Coorgi Style called as 'Misty Heights'. As its name says its in topmost position ....on dinner we were served with Coorgi foods like Kadambuttu(Steamed Rice Dumplings).... It was great...... and we had Camp Fire with the Dancing performance by our Colleagues......

Next day started with a hot Coffee and Coorgi style Breakfast.Then we went to a beautiful waterfalls called as 'Abbey Falls'. The roar of the falls can be heard from the main road,from where a path goes through lovely coffee and cardamom plantations right up to them. The chirping of innumerable birds which are easier heard then seen, fill the air with sweet music.After having a very nice time and shooting lots of snaps in the falls we went to Raja Seat, a well maintained garden with a great views of the hills. We spent some time there and left to Bangalore. 

But while coming back our van had some problem in the engine we have to wait there for 2 hrs.. meanwhile guys started playing cricket and since there was no mechanic we all 25 people were packed in a single van and it was full mast teasing each other.... and finally reached Bangalore at 11pm in the night. All together a superb weekend with my colleagues.......

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Making this blog to share my travel experience across various places in South India.. Just a thought to help those who wanna visit these places with a little information i've about these places.. Hope you will find it useful.. Keep Exploring.. :)